Beware Covid therefore the College Application Essay

When counseling students on finding great topics because of their college application essays, I often direct them to explore dilemmas they usually have faced within their lives.

Dilemmas provide the perfect springboard for writing a persuasive private statement. (dilemmas = challenge, hurdle, blunder, flaw, phobia, conflict, change, etc.) If you faced a problem, big or tiny, it indicates that:

1. Some thing interesting and personal taken place

2. You had to cope with it

3. You learned something

This quick framework can allow you to share your personal stories in your essay, and then also examine, explore and share how they shaped you and everything you care about (your values).

And voila! a college application essay that is appealing, meaningful and memorable.

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So if this simple approach works, and all you want is a juicy problem to spin into a highly effective essay, wouldn’t you wish to share the biggest problem the whole world is facing at this time?

An international pandemic that has literally power down life as we know it, killed thousands of innocent people, snuffed out jobs, forced people to full cover up within their domiciles and has no clear end up in sight?

Actually that the perfect topic?

Well, no.

If you can stay away from it, I would personally strongly advise you get a hold of virtually any other topic to publish about than the Coronavirus.

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The main reason I do not think it would offer you is Covid-19 is just a problem shared by many of us, including all other students writing these essays. It really is too common.

Each time a topic is common or overdone, it really is harder to really make it interesting.

One of the most significant targets of these college application essays is to help differentiate students from the competition–other students. In the event your topic is one that many other individuals will be authoring, you will be already fading in to the group.

Of course, you can find exceptions to my advice to steer clear of the Covid essay topic. Listed here is the main one I can consider:

Your Covid experience features influenced you within a way that is far different than exactly how it has affected almost all people. I would say it would need to be something extreme, or very unanticipated, or strange.racism topics for essay Better still, somehow bizarre, or shocking. (Remember, it probably feels as though it has hit you harder than others, but it’s likely that your experience actually since radical since it feels. Which is just the nature of this nightmare–everyone feels as though their life has been turned upside down on some amount.)

Tragically, those students hardest hit by this pandemic, with parents and family losing jobs, losing domiciles or getting evicted, and on occasion even worse, falling ill, just aren’t that unusual. (These, however, will be the specific students who MUST share their Covid hardships elsewhere into the Common Application, which I mention next.)

I also like to flag the theory that choosing the positive in your Covid-19 experience, or that you will be actually appreciating this time, would not be enough of a ‘spin’ to justify Covid as a topic.

I believe admissions officials are trying to discourage students from making use of this because their main college app essay (aka personal statement) topic as well.

The Common Application has added an additional, special prompt where students can share their Covid experiences if they feel the pandemic has slammed their world in under 250 words. The Coalition Application (an alternative to The Common Application) features supplied a similar covid prompt. In my opinion, this implies colleges desire students to truly save their main essay topic for anything but Covid.

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And even though this brand- new short Covid prompt is optional, I would very encourage students to handle it, since I can’t imagine any person maybe not relying on Covid. This is an additional possibility in the job to generally share something about yourself.

As it’s so quick, my advice is to be direct in your response. To offer it focus and focus, I would personally try to consider 1 or 2 characteristics or values which you used or developed in adapting to the brand- new pandemic reality and relevant challenges. And brainstorm certain examples you can use to illustrate them.

Then share a specific challenge you faced as a result of Covid, and describe how you handled or managed that problem, and end by what you learned (linked to your own quality, characteristic or price).

A quick outline would seem like this:

  1. Share an example of problem you faced pertaining to Covid
  2. Explain exactly how it affected you
  3. Describe how you managed it
  4. Think on everything you learned from dealing with it (about yourself, other individuals therefore the world)

In terms of most of your private statement or CommonApp essay topic, try to brainstorm beyond the pandemic as much as possible.

Of course, you can easily mention Covid therefore the pandemic as part of the back ground of the essay. It most likely is supposed to be hard to escape.

Be do whatever you can to stay away from coronavirus as your main topic or focus of the essay. I just don’t believe it will serve you as well as almost any other topic at this stage.

Good news? There are plenty of other dilemmas nowadays. Start brainstorming!

This is often a totally unusual time. Obtaining college can be extremely stressful even in the nice days of the past. So simply take deep breaths, know you aren’t alone and click forward. You’ve got this!

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