Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, with $20 billion in capital and $12 billion every day trading volume. Analysts relied on the information in the chart, so they concluded that a gradual rise in Litecoin’s price might begin. They said that it would go slowly and that the price would either fall or rise again. The most positive forecasts showed that Litecoin’s price could grow to $370. These benefits attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency community.

This happens roughly every four years and means that the available supply of cryptocurrency becomes scarcer over time. As demand increases, Litecoin can be used as a hedge against currency inflation as its price is bound to go up and there is a maximum supply that can ever be mined. LTC technical analysisThat story is old now, and the price has declined greatly, and for a time, doom was whispered across the crypto market. Things began to look up for LTC when the price rejected a recognised support level around the $100 – $120 region. Since then, the price has tried, with little success, to climb higher.

Litecoin Price Prediction 2021

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In January, LTC was valued above $20, but from February on, a downward trend became apparent. By the summer, its price was above $10, but on 15 June 2014, it passed the psychological mark of $10 and, by the end of the year, the price again dropped to $2. The increased block size reduced the possibility of transaction freezes. The number of LTC mined per block will continue to drop by half, roughly every four years, until a total of 84 million LTC has been mined. The most recent halving occurred on 5 August 2019 and the next one is expected to happen on 5 August 2023, when the block reward will be reduced from 12.5 LTC per block to 6.25 LTC.

Increasingly more people prefer BTC as an alternative for fiat money. What’s more, BTC is a superior store of value, while LTC is better for quick purchases. For ordinary users, Litecoin is one of the most recognised cryptocurrencies in the whole market.

Elon Musk is quite vocal about cryptocurrencies during events and especially on Twitter. Since he has invested heavily in crypto and is one of the wealthiest people alive, his views seem to drive the… However, there’s also a chance that Litecoin could be overtaken by one of the thousands of new cryptocurrencies trying to break into the market. A partnership with Lightning Network shows great potential, but investors question whether the company will actually live up to this potential.

Walletinvestor Litecoin Price Prediction For 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

Long Forecast’s LTC price predictions are not particularly rosy for this decade. They’ve predicted that the coming years will see LTC’s price consolidate a lot within the $100-$160 price range. Their prediction suggests that 2023 may be the best in this decade as LTC may trade to $156 before crashing to $40 in 2026. They predict that LTC will not go higher than $133 and may close the year around $97. It doesn’t get much better in 2023 but begins to pick up in 2024 when they expect Litecoin to trade as high as $202.

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There was a resurgence in the first half of 2019, but it didn’t yet have the momentum to break through $150 again. By the start of November 2020, Litecoin was trading at around $55, at which point the price began climbing again and reached $240 in 2021. There have been some interesting moments in Litecoin’s long price history, and if you want to understand more about its movements, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about the past price action of Litecoin – and the various factors that influence it. Its price range is appealing to investors because it continues to prove it can compete in the market, and there is still a lot of room for growth. If hackers can access the Litecoin platform, their steps are easily traced.

Litecoin Ltc Price Prediction For 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

The price peaked in the first quarter of 2020 at $84.50, then declined by more than 65% to set a yearly low at $25. LTC picked up slowly after that but picked up the pace towards the end of the year. In November, it had grown to levels above the previous yearly high set in February and in December, Litecoin traded above $120.

It’s not as easy to interpret the real factors for a coin’s rise and fall in the crypto world. This might be due to decentralisation, the complete absence of any regulatory authority or more recognised growth-filled speculation. Its low exchange rate allowed people to buy the necessary number of coins in anticipation of a future price increase. The price of Litecoin has been on an exciting journey in its long crypto history, from being worth $0.30 in 2011 to reach an impressive $340 at the end of 2017. Though it hasn’t managed to reach that high of a price since Litecoin continues to innovate and expand its reach. The inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market means that surges and crashes are just par for the course.

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Earlier in the same year, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee was recruited by popular cryptocurrency platform Coinbase. This may have increased general awareness and confidence in Litecoin and contributed to its rally later that year. This was once more followed by a decline, though not as sudden as the last one, dragging on until the price of Litecoin dropped below $25.

Live Litecoin Chart In Eur

Unsurprisingly, the price of Litecoin is also influenced by project news and updates from developers. Also in May 2017, Litecoin finally received a Coinbase listing. There are plenty of alternatives to Bitcoin and other big-name cryptocurrencies. If you’re ready to invest in some crypto, consider these affordable options. With skyrocketing valuations, cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular.

The exponential growth wasn’t sustainable, of course, and the price has declined ever since. Like Bitcoin , Litecoin is also subject to halving events. Halving events happen at predetermined block heights and cause the amount of LTC awarded to miners for each block they mine to be cut in half.

How High Can Litecoin Go?

Cryptocurrencies and derivative instruments based on cryptocurrencies are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage and extreme asset volatility. You should carefully consider whether you fully understand how cryptocurrency trading works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing all your invested money. LTC’s price prediction today must be based on technical analysis. They have a great chance of moving LTC’s price higher if that support holds long enough for market sentiment to explode once again like it did last year. Awareness and adoption also seem to be driving forces on the price of Litecoin.

At the same time, Charles Lee made a statement that he would sell all his LTC coins for system transparency. Many members were worried that this could cause a depreciation, but there wasn’t any correction. At the very beginning of 2014, the situation rapidly changed.

With Litecoin, most transactions happen within minutes or hours. Bitcoin is still the leading cryptocurrency, and no current competitors pose a real threat to the company. But Litecoin shows potential for gaining traction in the market. On 2 December 2017, the chart for the entire duration of Litecoin’s existence reached the $100-mark for the first time, and on 12 December, the value exceeded $200. The price continued to grow rapidly before surpassing $320 on the evening of 12 December.

litecoin price

The trading volume and liquidity are different for each exchange and those differences are what affects the price. After more than three years of mostly sideways and downwards movement, seeing prices dip as low as $1.30, Litecoin began to grow steadily in the spring of 2017. By December of that year, Litecoin had eclipsed its previous high by creeping up to $100, and then, over a couple of weeks, it shot up another 240% to set a new all-time high around $340. Litecoin has a lower market cap than other cryptocurrencies. It still maintains a strong lead above other cryptocurrency platforms. Bitcoin offers more basic abilities and has been the jumping-off point for other cryptocurrencies that try to improve on what Bitcoin had to offer.

Litecoin Price History

In general, Litecoin has some chances for upward price movement. First, this cryptocurrency is one of the most successful Bitcoin forks. Second, it provides fast transactions, so many people will use it as a payment system. Third, mining Litecoin is easier than Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash . If the price for BTC and BCH rises, LTC will be in better shape, too.

  • By the start of November 2020, Litecoin was trading at around $55, at which point the price began climbing again and reached $240 in 2021.
  • A variety of different factors affect the price of Litecoin.
  • The number of LTC mined per block will continue to drop by half, roughly every four years, until a total of 84 million LTC has been mined.
  • Many people began to speculate on prices, leaving the market very unstable.
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Litecoin’s price at any given time is decided by the balance of supply and demand on exchanges. When more people are buying Litecoin than selling it, the price goes up, and when more are selling than buying, the price goes down. Cryptocurrency is digital money that isn’t managed by a central system, like a government. Instead, it’s based on blockchain technology, with bitcoin being the most popular one. Litecoin cryptocurrency is set up as a decentralized network.

Ltc’s Price History

Probably the most optimistic forecast yet, DigitalCoinPrice believes that LTC is a great option for long term investment. Consequent years will see a steady how to accept ethereum payments price increase for LTC, and $500 may be in view. This is great news for potential investors, and 2022 may be a fine time to get in on Litecoin.

Find out which cryptocurrencies could be the next to explode in value in 2022. It shows consistency but doesn’t have the type of growth that wows investors. Doesn’t allow edits to transaction records, preventing hackers from accessing the system and stealing currency. Because there are simply so many new projects with better conditions. We’ll tell you about our expectations, but let’s first look at some forecasts.

LTC is currently trading in a downward channel and looking to test the support level at $69. If this holds, it may be the incentive for bulls to drive the price out of the descending channel. No member of the cryptocurrency market will forget the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. That’s when all crypto projects saw their prices grow several-fold. Litecoin charts for its first 3 yearsA correction then occurred, and its price changed from $50 to $24 .

Litecoin saw a small increase in the spring of 2018, but then it fell to $20. LTC is promoted by the not-for-profit organisation Litecoin Foundation. Today, there are only two full-time developers at this foundation.

2019 brought wider adoption and new partnerships for Litecoin. Payments network Flexa added support for the cryptocurrency in July, which meant more than 39,000 merchants could immediately start accepting Litecoin for a variety of goods and services. This likely contributed to the increased and sustained trading volume that Litecoin has experienced since 2019.