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Andrew Gurland is an innovative new York City filmmaker thinking about making a documentary about a typical man and their wedding up to a mail purchase bride. Andrew discovers the right topic for their movie and chooses to finance the wedding in change for the proper to movie the whole process. He discovers exactly exactly exactly what is apparently the perfect prospect in Adrian Martin, an obese doorman from Queens who may have renounced dating and appears positive about selecting a bride from offshore. After corresponding with Burmese ladies from the catalogue, Adrian selects Lichi, an attractive girl inside her twenties whose advertising and page piques his interest.

The filmmakers pay money for Lichi’s trip to America, and quickly she finds herself immersed in American married life-which, in Adrian’s home, involves a bit more than a person’s typical familial cooking and cleansing duties. Andrew at first appears through the proven fact that Adrian treats Lichi similar to a companion. The project that is entire to a startling halt whenever, without Lichi’s knowledge, Adrian takes her into the gynecologist for an appointment about tubal sterilization. Lichi quickly discovers just just what a doctor check out is actually for and hysterically rejects the process. Andrew believes Adrian has crossed the line so when an argument that is heated, Adrian terminates his involvement when you look at the documentary.

2 months later on, Andrew gets a shock see from Lichi, that is here to expose a shocking videotape documenting her life that is bizarre as’s spouse. Experiencing partially accountable for her increasingly despondent situation, Andrew urges Lichi to go out of her spouse and provides their apartment as being a safe haven.

What transpires is beyond such a thing Andrew or Adrian could imagine, as their experiences with Lichi lead them through a few unpredictable occasions, fundamentally culminating in a showdown in Miami that reveals the lengths hopeless men goes to in order to avoid being alone.

A documentarian funds an NYC doorman’s Asian mail purchase bride in exchange for the proper to movie the ability.

Score: R (for language plus some troubling intimate material) Genre: Comedy Directed By: Huck Botko, Andrew Gurland authored by: Huck Botko, Andrew Gurland In Theaters:mMar 11, 2005 large On DVD:mOct 4, 2005 Runtime:91 moments Studio: First Independent photos

Cast: Andrew Gurland Eugenia Yuan Adrian Martinez


Women, have actually a guy was got by us for you personally! He’s a constant work, has a household moments far from Manhattan, has their own group of tires, and it is an animal lover. What isnt there to love about bachelor Adrian Martin?

Well, just ask Lichi, Adrians mail purchase spouse, fresh from the air air plane from Burma. The person of her ambitions happens to be a crude, rude, sloppy doorman from Queens keen on having a maid when compared to a spouse. Their household is just a dump, their automobile is on its leg that is last and favorite pastime is feeding mice to his animal snake.

This is actually the match built in hell that begins filmmakers Andrew Gurland and Huck Botkos deliciously surreal satire MAIL PURCHASE WIFE, a dark comedy that displays so just how horrifying, desperate and pathetic the look for lifetime companionship can beespecially whenever that ukrainian ladies dating search is completed by catalogue. The occasions that follow into the movie are extreme examples of lust, betrayal and revenge, all shot in documentary structure to provide a feeling of reality for this hilariously unfortunate and sordid story.

Gurland also stars within the movie, playing a filmmaker namednot so coincidentallyAndrew, who funds Adrian and Lichis marriage in return for the ability to film the experience that is entire. Perhaps one of the most unanticipated twists in this really astonishing comedy is the fact that Andrew defies their role since the unbiased «observer,» becoming actually tangled up in Adrian and Lichis marriage and for that reason one of many figures of their own documentary movie. And simply such as the individuals hes chronicling, Andrew actually is way more complicated and unpredictable than initially fulfills the attention.


July 28, 2005 | Rating: 4/4 Colin Covert Minneapolis Star Tribune Top Critic Unpredictable and hugely entertaining.

March 25, 2005 | Rating: 3/4 Ruthe Stein San Francisco Chronicle Top Critic Mail Order Wife: Mockumentary. Featuring Eugenia Yuan, Andrew Gurland, Adrian Martinez, Huck Botko and Jose Canseco. Written and directed by Botko and Gurland.(R. 89 moments. Away Region theaters.) The idea of parodying a documentary worked brilliantly in «This Is Spinal Tap» and «Waiting for Guffman» because their subject material ended up being awfully ridiculous to start with. «Mail purchase Wife,» the most up-to-date faux documentary, takes a more impressive danger by tackling a critical subject — the punishment of females from poverty-stricken nations taken to America by males who would like an individual servant significantly more than a partner. In the event that cruelty depicted, such as for example forcing a fresh bride to do in porno films, had really transpired, the perpetrator might be arrested. Co-directors Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland, who look as earnest documentary filmmakers of the identical title, pull it well by never ever winking during the audience or signaling in virtually any fashion that this is simply not a real tale. Botko and Gurland, whom had written the script, allow their imaginations operate crazy. But it is difficult to laugh at strange circumstances realizing that any such thing is achievable whenever a lonely guy delivers away for the mate away from a catalog. All of the actors utilize their genuine names except Eugenia Yuan when you look at the name role. Yuan, an up-and-comer next observed in «Memoirs of the Geisha,» is heartbreaking as Lichi. Her depiction of the overwhelmed young girl whom actually is not exactly just just what she seems is really so realistic which you root on her behalf to leave of damage’s method. «Wife» begins having an «admission» that the filmmakers paid to bring Lichi right right here from Burma in substitution for the involvement of her groom-to-be, Adrian (Adrian Martinez) — an upset, frustrated doorman from Queens, that is literally and figuratively the movie’s heavy. Andrew is not the great man he is apparently as he consumes Lichi after she turns up at their apartment having a porn video clip Adrian manufactured from her. Although she actually is clearly susceptible inside her troubled state, Andrew rests along with her whenever his gf is not around. It has to become a jab at documentary filmmakers whom become actually active in the everyday lives of the topics. «Mail Order Wife» is shot to check just as if Andrew does not understand what he is doing. It is like a house film, grainy and away from focus. Presumably this can be an element of the laugh; that you are never ever certain plays a part in the movie’s unsettling effect. At a few junctures, including whenever Adrian does not want to be interviewed any longer, Andrew ponders whether or not to carry on. But he does, and Jose Canseco also plays along. Creating a cameo look, he lends their yacht as an element of a campaign to wow Lichi. Besides being perennially prepared for their close-up, Canseco probably ended up being seduced to stay in the film by Adrian’s effusive praise of him once the most readily useful baseball player ever. Remember «Mail Order Wife» is just a mockumentary.

Might 6, 2005 | Rating: 2/4 Jeff Vice Deseret News, Salt Lake City

MAIL PURCHASE WIFE — ** — Eugenia Yuan, Andrew Gurland, Adrian Martinez; with subtitles; ranked R (vulgarity, profanity, intercourse, physical violence, racial epithets). «Mail Order Wife» provides the market an abundance of reasons never to want it, however when it tosses in a cameo by steroids-scandal opportunist Jose Canseco — persona non grata everywhere he goes now, not merely in Major League Baseball areas — it really is more or less the last straw.

This periodically amusing comedy is actually wanting to follow into the footsteps of Christopher Guest, whoever successful «mockumentaries» «Waiting for Guffman» and «A Mighty Wind» are making the format stylish.

There are many plans in the office right right here, but «Mail purchase Wife» can’t determine be it making fun of documentary filmmaking, «green-card» based marriages or men that are desperately lonely.

The movie’s name relates to Lichi (Eugenia Yuan), a Burmese girl who is hoping to obtain her U.S. citizenship through a wedding «arrangement.» So she is consented to marry Adrian (Adrian Martinez), a brand new York resort doorman who’sn’t possessed great deal of fortune with females.

Unfortuitously, the 2 are not extremely appropriate; to begin with, she is horrified by his idea of «cuisine.» As soon as Adrian begins steering their conversations towards the topic of kiddies, Lichi balks.

Further complicating issues could be the constant existence of Andy (Andrew Gurland, certainly one of this movie’s two directors), a documentary filmmaker who is been interviewing the 2. He falls for Lichi and additionally proposes to her.

Touch upon this tale in the plus side, the movie does not develop into the straight-forward intimate comedy it might are becoming and alternatively goes down in a direction that is completely different. Which will be smart because none regarding the three figures is quite likable or sympathetic. In particular, Martinez’s portly suitor comes off as grotesquely cartoonish, and, as played by Yuan, Lichi is not appealing wedding material.

Even Worse, the movie’s jokes simply aren’t that funny (like the Canseco cameo). And jabs in the quite males that are pathetic the movie are way too mean-spirited.

«Mail Order Wife» is rated R for crude humor about and sources to sexual functions, periodic usage of strong profanity that is sexual some intimate content, violence (mostly slapstick) and make use of of racial epithets. Running time: 91 moments.